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We want flight training to be fun AND productive. We will work very hard for our students but we need your help by following some basic guidelines and policies:

  • Be on time...  Remember, early is on time, and on time is late!

  • Be prepared... Each lesson is an opportunity to get one step closer to being a licensed pilot.  Don't waste a minute by not being ready to dive right in when you arrive for your lesson.

  • Be flexible...  Things are always changing in the world of aviation.  For example, the weather doesn't always turn out exactly as expected. Be prepared to adapt, and we will do our best to make accommodations!

  • Be engaged...  Ask questions and don't stop asking until you are confident you understand the answer.  This is your flight training experience and we are here to help you become the best pilot you can be.

The fine print:

If a customer is chronically late it impacts  the entire flight operation. Marana Flight Schools reserves the right to charge a late fee, shorten a training or rental event, and/or cancel a training or rental event if the customer is not arriving on time.  This applies to arrival prior to a lesson or rental AND return from a lesson or rental.


Marana Flight Schools is dedicated to promoting a culture of safety and regulatory compliance. Any customer found to be behaving in a reckless, unsafe, or non-compliant manner will not be allowed to rent or train in our aircraft or work with our Certified Flight Instructors.


Flying is fun! It is essential that you be at your physical and mental best when you fly.  Flying while tired, medicated, stressed, injured, or ill is not fun (and it's dangerous).   

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