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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly?  Daydreamed about someday becoming a pilot? Marana Flight Schools can help you realize that dream. 


We are passionate about flight training.  Our mission is to help anyone with the desire and the determination become a skilled pilot.

Learn to fly in AZ

The private pilot certificate is the most commonly held certificate of active pilots. This certificate allows you to be the sole manipulator of the majority of single engine aircraft. With it you can take friends and family with you while you explore the skies.

The instrument rating allows a pilot to be qualified to fly under instrument flight rules (IFR). The instrument rating allows for a pilot to fly by reference to instrument and in worse weather conditions. A pilot can choose to add an instrument rating for their private and commercial rating.

Marana Flight Schools offers flight reviews for pilots who need to stay current. Pricing will depend if the customer owns his/her own plane and on duration of the flight.

Marana Flight Schools has several aircraft to choose from when looking for an aircraft rental. From flight training to pleasure flights Marana Flight School can accommodate your needs.


Currently Marana Flight Schools allows the rental of a Cessna 172L, Cessna 172M, Cessna 172G, and a Piper Archer II.

The commercial pilot license allows pilots to be paid for their work. In order to be qualified to obtain a commercial license, one must be a private pilot.

Marana Flight Schools offers additional ground school training to students who wish to improve their aviation knowledge and better prepare for their certificate/ratings.