Rates and Policies

Discovery Fight

The Discovery Flight experience at Marana Flight Schools allows you to see if being a pilot is right for you at a discounted rate.


An instructor will take you through a preflight inspection of the aircraft, an engine start, and taxi procedures to the runway. You will be at the controls, under your instructor’s supervision, and will be piloting the aircraft over the beautiful southern Arizona desert.

Pricing: Please contact us for current prices. 

Flight Instruction

Marana Flight Schools strives to offer personalized flight training at an affordable rate. 
Please contact us for the most up to date pricing.

Ask your instructor about buying block time to save money.


We request our students to be on time and prepared for their scheduled lessons. We will make every effort to have the aircraft serviced and be ready to teach students at the scheduled time. A student that is late can severely impact other students training schedule. Your training time starts at the time you have scheduled. We request you arrive at that time. Chronically late students will be charged for their training time missed. At the instructor’s discretion, the flying portion of the lesson may be shortened or canceled.